Mezzanine Racking

Multi-tier racking systems

Multi-tier racking systems are innovative storage solutions designed to optimize vertical warehouse space by creating multiple levels of storage within a single racking structure. These systems consist of several tiers or levels accessible by stairs, lifts, or mezzanines, allowing efficient organization and retrieval of goods.

Steel Structure Mezzanine Floors

Steel Structure Mezzanine Floors are elevated platforms constructed within an existingbuilding to create additional floor space for various purposes, such as storage, offices, or production areas. Unlike rack-supported mezzanine floors, these structures are supported by their own steel framework, providing a robust and versatile solution for expanding usable space.

Rack Supported Mezzanine Floors

Rack Supported Mezzanine Floors are specialized storage solutions that combine pallet racking systems with elevated mezzanine platforms, creating additional storage space within a warehouse or industrial facility. These systems use the existing racking structure as the foundation for the elevated floor, optimizing both floor space and vertical space.

Multi-tier shelving systems

Multi-tier shelving systems are versatile storage solutions that utilize vertical space efficiently by creating multiple levels of storage within a single unit. These systems are designed with multiple shelves or levels, often connected by stairs or ladders, allowing for organized storage of various items.

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