Design, Supply & Installation

Design, Supply & Installation

If you don’t have a well designed pallet racking system in place, you could be:

  • running out of room to store goods
  • not taking advantage of vertical space
  • letting disorganization slow you down
  • putting your inventory, and your crew at risk, with unsafe stacking practices


Before embarking on a renovation or installation of a modern storage system, it is essential to study and analyse the needs and possibilities of the company. Only then can an optimal economic and rational conclusion be guaranteed.

Darbalaniq adapts its solutions to the needs of its clients and this often implies carrying out “turnkey” projects. Together with the client, we identify the requirements and product movements so as to work out the combination of installations required.


At the request of the client, we draws up a draft project and takes care of the whole process of design, tendering, supplies, set-up and implementing the operation of the installation. This means the client only has to deal with one company during the project’s execution.


We supply all of our project materials under the required time constraints and with little mishap whilst maintaining the highest quality of service and guidance throughout your project. We supply the ultimate materials adaptable to meet your needs with a strength and durability second to none.


We install your warehousing solution exactly to your specification as signed off at the design stage, so you know exactly what you are expecting with no hidden costs. We place a huge emphasis on installing the racking systems to the highest standards to meet your requirements in safest and most efficient manner. Whether it be pallet racking installation or the installation of a mezzanine floor or even a commercial interior, we always work to the highest standards available.

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